Junior Green Beaver Bubble Bath

   So I no I haven’t written anything for a while but I’m really impressed by green beaver bubble bath for kids, so much that I wanted to share with you. I’ve been looking for something natural to put in my babies bath but that actually creates bubbles and smells good too, this bubble bath makes so many bubbles that last a long time and smell great.  I know it sounds like a commercial but it’s true!  They are not paying me to do this but if you’re looking for something natural and something you can feel good and safe about putting in your babies bath this is the stuff. Let me know if you guys found anything similar to this that creates a long lasting bubble and smells good too! I got this for about $6 CAD at superstore!  

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Fun Ikea Latt Hack

 My Latt Hack was inspired by all the other great ones I saw on Pinterest.

The table was relatively easy to put together basically take the seat of the chair leave about two inches on each side cutting out the corners to save on bulk.  Cut as much batting or foam as you can on the chair not overlapping the edges at all give about an inch around pull the fabric tight around the seat ( I hot glued the fabric to batting/foam and the seat cardboard but you don’t have to its just for extra stability.) I Duct taped it together to the bottom making sure to keep the fabric tight. Simply Assembled the chair. Note: if you want to paint the table it will look alot better if you do it before you assemble it.

 I also found a good Latt Hack Here with information about putting plexiglass on the top.

Make your own Baby Wipes?!

Well I finally did it I made them, after doing the research I realized I couldn’t find a healthy solution that didn’t cost me triple the price of normal ones so I simply made my own! And they are great! So I thought I would share.

First things first hehe…

Gather your supplies :

1 tablespoon baby wash (your choice)

1tablespoon coconut oil

1.5 cups of fairly warm water

1 Roll of paper towel ( preferably a select-a-size one.) I used Kirkland brand.

1 Empty wipes container or Tupperware 

Step 1: Cut the paper towel in half with a sharp knife!

Step 2: Warm some water, place water, baby wash and coconut oil in a bowl whisk it up making sure the coconut oil melts into water well. 

Step 3: Place the paper towel in the empty wipes holder so you can see the cardboard roll in the middle, pour in the mixture down the sides wait about half an hour or so to let it soak in.

Step 4:  Pull out the inner cardboard roll and press down the papertowel to fit in the container.

Step 5: Close and use!

It’s that easy! Be sure to keep the container closed to keep the moisture in.

Fisher Price Peek a Boo Cuckoo Clock Review


Fisher Price Peek a Boo Cuckoo Clock, It’s Awesome! it took awhile for my 14 month old to figure out what to do! but she did not hesitate once she did, there are two modes music and learning mode, they are both great, this toy is fun and she loves the little cukoo bird and is always trying to get him to come out, I only wish it did one thing.. Told the time in some manner! Oh well you cant have everything. All in all this is a great little toy though. Small enough to pick up and take to play with you were you go m

Pantene Ultimate 10 Shampoo & Conditioner and BB cream.

I got these products in my free new Bzzkit, they worked really well, I really loved the conditioner, it made my hair soft but not too heavy. It was nice to have something to finish it off with the BB cream, I found with my large amount of fine hair I didn’t need a whole pump as they suggest, but just half really, maybe a little less even. On a Whole I like the product, no overwhelming smells, in fact it smelled nice just not too nice!! 🙂

Broadway Nails, Impress Manicure Press on Nails!

Got My Voxbox from Influenster and it had some nice press on nails from Broadway Nails. I received the Disney Villans Cruella Deville color. Which was a nice silver purple color, the nails were easy to put on I just wish they were a bit more adjustable with size, and easier to take off!! All in all a nice product though.